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September 24, 2014

Guy and Dan have been friends all the way back to their school days. While Dan has discovered the joys of gay Asian sex, Guy has missed out on those pleasures. Dan has lustful desires for his friend, and invites him to his apartment for a massage.

Scented candles burn, as Dan pours oil on Guy's silky smooth body. Guy is very relaxed as Dan massages his torso and legs, so Dan takes a chance and starts rubbing up against his cock. Caught up in the moment, Guy starts to get hard and his huge cock is soon poking out of his wrap. Dan is loving it and decides to get a bit more bold with his hands. Soon he is massaging his friend's hard cock with oil and it's obvious this isn't going to end with a back rub. This is one sexy hot scene, and look at the size of that cock Guy is packing between his legs! The full video tells all, but one thing is sure, these two are about to have gay sex. Some of you have probably already shot your load just watching this small part of the exclusive video that can be downloaded from Asia Boy. It is one of hundreds in their hardcore bareback fucking collection. Add to that all the gay porn that comes with their package membership to a bunch of gay porn sites and you won't run out of anything new to watch for a very long time. In that package are 6 more gay Asian twink sites, all with exclusive videos. So grab a membership and find out what happens with Guy and Dan.

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