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October 18, 2014

We join Pinoy twinks Argie and Gilbert naked in the bathroom and fucking bareback. Gilbert's little bubble butt is taking a hard pounding as the Asian boys stand while they fuck.

Then Gilbert gets down on his knees and lets Argie piss in his mouth. When his warm urine stream ends Gilbert sucks the last drops from his big uncut cock. By the time he's finished servicing Argie's dick he's hard and ready to fuck again. Perhaps that's what the bottom had in mind. From the toilet, the Asian boys move to the bed and Gilbert takes a bareback ride on Argie's big raw cock. Gilbert is one of those bottoms that stays hard when he's getting fucked, which makes the site of him grinding on Argie,s cock that much more sexy. As he bounces, his stif dick flops up and down and slaps the ass crack of Argie. There's nothing like a little liquid refreshment between rounds of bareback fucking…right? Argie seemed a bit more aggressive than usual, when he was fucking Gilbert in the toilet. It appeared to be a turn on for little Gilbert. Those passive Pinoy boys do enjoy a bit of man handling during sex. This was only a short piece of the full and exclusive video that can be downloaded from Gay Asian Piss, one of seven gay Asian twink sites that are part of the larger package of gay porn sites included with a membership. All of the sites have exclusive videos, and for you watersports fans there are several more golden shower sites in the mix. One is a black African twink bareback and pissing site that is filmed in Kenya.

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