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Asian Tickle and Stroke

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December 23, 2014

Pinoy boys Vahn and T-Boy take lean ticklish twink Argie to his full limits in this peaking tickling hand job scene. With Argie stripped to his shorts and tied to the bed, the boys begin their sadistic tickle torture. Watch T-Boy's facial expressions as he tickles Argie. He's like an animal in his natural habitat.

Just when we think the boys have had their fill of tickle torturing Argi, they all strip naked and go at it again. T-boy sucks his toes and tickles his feet with his tongue, while Vahn keeps Argie in a raging boner by stroking his cock. Clearly this turns Vahn on, as he too is sporting some wood. Argie is about to crawl out of his skin. He doesn't know whether to laugh, moan, cry, or cum. But after some time of being edged, he begs to have one hand released so he can stroke himself off. Vahn finally relents, and joins him for a simultaneous double cum shot. Argie still has 3 limbs tied down, so after he cums, the boys tickle the hell out of him one last time. WOW! This is an interesting twist we don't see very often at Laughing Asians. The site is focused on tickling and foot fetish and the Asian boys often never even get naked. The exclusive scenes are always fun and erotic, but this dials it up just a bit. The only disappointment is we don't see T-Boy get hard. He's a new face in the mix, so hopefully he'll go further in future scenes. There is no denying he is one sexy little Asian boy!

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