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Asian Tickle Dungeon Fantasy

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September 2, 2014

Cute Asian boy Josh absolutely loves to get tickled senseless. This 19 year old even fantasizes about being a prisoner in a tickle torture dungeon.

Tickle Master Vahn has Josh naked and restrained to the tickle torture rack. Vahn can't wait to get his fingers on Josh's adorable smooth ticklish boy soles. The torturous fun begins, as Vahn drives Josh crazy with his tickling techniques. Then we get a glimpse into Josh's imagination. Josh is in a tickle dungeon with the sadistic tickle master who summons his magic animated wriggling flickering feather. Vahn commands and controls the tickle feather with his thoughts. The feather darts around and tickles all of Josh's most sensitive spots. Josh is hysterical as the feather flickers about wildly on his ticklish boy feet. Well, that sure is different. Granted, gay Asian twink tickle and foot fetish is unique all by itself, so the fantasy spin is off the charts! It is a good example of the lengths this producer will go to in producing original entertainment. Perhaps you don't have a tickle or foot fetish interest, but is still fun and erotic to watch these cute Asian boys play. And there is no shortage of the hardcore porn either, as Laughing Asians is part of a network of gay porn sits that are hardcore. On top of that, there are six more gay Asian twink sites in the package, all with exclusive bareback fucking videos. So, for you fans of watching boys get naked and have sex, consider this a fun and lighthearted departure from the volumes of hardcore action videos that can be downloaded and enjoyed.

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