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Backyard Piss and Fuck

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September 22, 2014

Here we have two Pinoy boys in the back yard, butt naked and fucking bareback. Earlier in the video, Vahn sucked Johns cock and then pissed all over him. This was followed by John telling Vahn to bend over and grab the nearby tree. We watched John shove his raw cock up Vahn's butt and fuck him bareback and that is where this scene picks thing up.

The two Asian boys are still fucking bareback and Vahn is making enough noise to get the neighbors' attention. The camera moves in for some good close-ups of the cock fucking ass action, as John continues his raw ass pounding. Some of the expressions on Vahn's face are priceless. By this time, Vahn is completely bent over and holding on to a very large rock on the ground. John has reached that point of no return and cums all over Vahn's smooth Asian boy butt. Then John swirls his cum all around with his dick. Vahn gives John a freshly bareback fuck smile of satisfaction and then pisses all over himself, while standing. Well, I thought the pissing was over with in the earlier part of this video, so when Vahn pissed himself at the end it was a bit of a surprise. Although, I must say most Gay Asian Piss videos have a lot more pissing in them than this one. In fact, the boys piss so much you could almost fill a bath tub. Well, maybe not fill a tub, but it seems like it. Keep in mind that a membership in Gay Asian Piss also gets you full access to a bunch of other gay porn sites. A total of 7 gay Asian twink sites are included in the mix and there are a total of 3 watersports sites.

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