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Cute Chubby and Tickled

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September 14, 2014

Chubby Pinoy boy Cyruz returns for his first tickle torture session on the tickle rack. Long hair Hunter and skinny Asian boy Idol are the ticklers who put this Asian boy through a laughter filled tickle fetish adventure he won't soon forget.

Cyruz is not exactly skinny, but he's got an adorable face. His tickle torture masters have him stripped naked and bound to the tickle torture rack. And isn't it nice that the guys stripped down to their underwear and jock strap for us? Hunter goes first and its obvious this Asian boy is in to it. He's just having a ball tickling young Cyruz from armpits to soles. Cyruz is going totally crazy and there is nothing he can do to escape his fate. After Hunter has had some one-on-one fun with the Asian boy, Idol steps in to assist, and adorable Cyruz is now getting the treatment times two! That tickling paw that the boys are using only adds to the erotic tickling fun. By the time these two tickle masters get done with Cyruz he's more exhausted than he'd be if he were fucking. Strip down three gay Asian boys and let them have some fun like this and its totally erotic! Don't get me wrong, I love the hardcore sex videos, and there is a ton of that in the membership package that comes with Laughing Asians, but sometimes the reality of scenes like this can do more for me than watching cute gay Asian boys fucking and sucking cock. The fact that a membership gives you all of it, and a bunch of other kinky fetish themes, means you can have it all, and lots of it too!

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