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November 5, 2014

This scene opens with Argie and Gilbert naked on the bed and passionately kissing. Then Asian boy Gilbert goes down on Argie's hard uncut cock, before the Pinoy boys move to a sexy 69.

Next we cut to Gilbert standing over Argie and pissing into his mouth. Once his dick is drained of warm urine, Argie aggressively sucks on it. Then the Asian boys switch places and Argie starts pissing in Gilbert's mouth, and it literally turns into a golden shower, as Gilbert bathes in Argie's urine stream. When he is finished, Gilbert starts sucking on his piss dripping dick. Then we cut to Gilbert on his back, as Argie is trying to shove a big black dildo into his ass. Surprisingly, Gilbert can't take it, so the boys decide to flip and Argie spreads his legs for the sex toy. The dildo is so slicked up with lube; Gilbert can't get a good grip on it to push the thing into Argie's tight asshole. As it turns out, that's the same problem they were having with power bottom Gilbert. It looks like this sex toy isn't going to see any action. Well, it looks like the double headed dildo was just too slippery to work with. While that didn't work, it's a safe bet the bareback fucking that follows will. You can download the full video from Gay Asian Piss, along with all the other exclusive bareback and watersports videos at the site. And if that's not enough, a membership includes a bunch of other gay porn sites, several with golden showers in the mix. On top of that, seven of the sites in this package are gay Asian twink!

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