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Meat and Vegetable Barebacking

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September 21, 2014

The video opens with an extreme close-up of a leather gloved finger fucking a smooth shave's asshole. Then we zoom out to reveal a cute Asian twink bound and getting finger fucked.

Next the Asian bottom has a tomato in his mouth, while his ass is getting filled with a large carrot. On his hands and knees, the kinky bottom slave boy continues to get his ass abused by the large orange vegetable. The camera zooms in tight for some extreme close-ups of the kinky vegetable fuck. Flipped over on his back again, the dominant top replaces the vegetable with some meat, as he shoves his fat uncut cock into the boy's ass and starts bareback fucking him. This is definitely a meat and vegetable kind of guy. And he apparently prefers them shoved up his twink Asian ass. One thing is certain; you don't get the same old tier script played over and over again with only the naked boys being different. Asia Boy Video does like to shake things up a bit and you have to give the produce credit for his kinky creativity. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of hardcore vanilla sex, if gay Asian twink bareback fucking scenes are considered vanilla. But it's nice to know that it isn't going to be the same old thing time after time. Frankly, even the more vanilla stuff doesn't follow that same old script we see so much of. So you're looking for something different? Perhaps you just found it!

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