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Medical Exam Spit Roast

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August 26, 2014

We are in the medical exam room with kinky Doctors Dominic and Thomas and Asian twink patient Dave. The exam has turned into a bareback threesome sex orgy.

The two doctors have their pants down and Dave is sucking and stroking their cocks. Then Thomas bends Dave over his desk and bareback fucks his young ass. Dominic moves in to get some more oral servicing from the twink patient, while his hole is getting fucked. Thomas' bladder is full, so he withdraws and pisses over his stomach. Dave is given a milky enema, while Dominic holds his legs wide apart. Thomas holds Dave's hole open with an anal dilator, and he squirts the enema out. The two kinky doctors follow this by spit roasting their horny patient one more time. You never know what's going to happen in the doctor's exam room, but it's always very kinky and hardcore. All the fucking is bareback and all of the scenes are exclusive to the very unique Dr Twink web site. Most of the scenes are with just cute Asian twinks, but Euro white boy Dominic makes an occasional appearance, which is always a big treat for the Asian boys, as they love having sex with him. IF you like watersports, there's plenty of pissing in the Dr Twink scenes and a membership also gets you access to a couple of more golden shower gay porn sites. One is all gay Asian twink, while the other is black African twink, filmed in Kenya. He membership package offers a bunch more sites and a total of seven are all gay Asian twink porn.

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