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Patient and Doctor Suck Off

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October 27, 2014

We join this scene with gay Asian twink patient Idol naked and on the doctor's examination table, with his legs spread and the doc's tongue in his ass.

The good Dr Gayvaras gives his young Asian patient a nice long ass licking, along with a bit of uncut cock servicing, before he strips naked and has Idol suck on his uncut dick. He then face fucks the boy and little Idol has no problem taking his big cock deep into his throat. In fact, he takes the doc's hard meat all the way down to his pubes. When the doctor can't take any more, he goes down on Idols rock hard cock, as we enjoy a good view of both skinny boys' naked and slim bodies. The young doctor power blows Idol and almost loses his glasses in the process. The doctor lies on the exam table and lets Idol deep throat him again. Then the Asian twink starts sucking on the doc's balls. Then Idol pulls out the lube and we can guess what's going to happen next. Damn that little guy can suck some dick! Who wouldn't want his lips wrapped around their cock? There is no denying this is one hot oral scene and it looks like the bareback fucking is just about to begin. Of course, you can watch the full exclusive video by downloading it from Dr Twink, one of seven gay Asian twink porn sites offered in the membership package. Dr Twink is all about gay Asian twink medical fetish, kink and bareback fucking. It is truly unique and nothing else out there is even a close match.

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