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January 24, 2015

This isn't the first time we have seen Alex with his big cock up Vahn's ass. Vahn is in the doggie position and taking a good hard bareback pounding from Alex.

Alex flips Vahn onto his back and gives it to the Pinoy boy missionary style. Vahn starts playing with his cock, as Alex continues to pump away on his ass, first with slow and deliberate thrusts alternated with rapid pumping. Then Alex pulls out, grabs both of their cocks and starts stroking. Vahn cums first and Alex follows with a big load, adding to the pool that is already on Vahn's belly. Both are exhausted and Vahn is trying to catch his breath when Alex tweeks his nipples, which are so sensitive Vahn can't take it and tells him to stop. Asian boy Alex is like a fucking machine, and when he's with Vahn the two seem to read each other's mind. They are hot to watch in action. And there is no shortage of cum in this bareback fuck scene, with Alex delivering the most after he gets Vahn off. This is actually a flip fuck scene and to see all of their session just download the full video from Asia Boy. A membership will also get you full access to a bunch of other gay porn sites, including six other gay Asian porn sites. All but one of the Asian sites offer 100 percent bareback fucking scenes, along with the solos. One thing is for sure, there's no shortage of gay porn in this package deal.

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