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January 18, 2015

We open this scene with the beginnings of a daisy chain bareback fuck. White boy Dominic is on the bottom, with big dick Thai boy Thomas riding his cock and little Asian twink Jason is at the top of the pile with Thomas stretching his hole.

Next we cut to Jason on his back as the cum rage for the other two. Dominic unloads his warm cum into Jason's mouth and then he sucks that big dick dry. Then Thomas unloads his seed into Jason's lips as he kisses Dominic. Again, Jason sucks that monster of its last drops. Then he licks both boys' dicks, while stroking his cock. Dominic starts to piss and Jason grabs his cock to control where his urine stream lands. He drinks some of the piss and showers his naked little Asian body with the rest. Jason continues to suck on Dominic as he and Thomas kiss. Then he alternates between both cocks, while stroking his. The scene ends with a quick glimpse of Thomas pissing all over himself. WOW! That's one slutty little Asian twink bottom, and he's in good company for this kinky bareback watersports scene. I love it when he grabs Dominic's cock and takes control of his golden shower. You can catch the full video exclusively at Gay Asian Piss, along with all of their other bareback and pissing scenes. And there are plenty of other watersports sites in the mix with this membership package. Several are Asian and one is black African. There are a total of 7 gay Asian porn sites in the package and all but one is 100 percent bareback fucking.

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