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Rave Takes the Tickle Torture

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September 8, 2014

In this scene, cute Pinoy boy Rave has agreed to a session on the tickle torture rack. When it comes to how ticklish he is, Rave thinks he's a three, on a scale of 1-10. But from the looks of things, he more like a nine!

Perhaps that has a lot to do with the skills and technique of the the the tickle master Vahn. He strips down to his sexy yellow underwear, great for hiding pee happens. Then this skinny Asian boy is strapped to the rack, and ready for the tickle master to take control. This cute Asian boy has a fantastic laugh, and that just fuels a tickler's fingers to work harder. Rave has very ticklish feet, and Vahn drives him to hysterics with rapid feather flickering up and down his ticklish soles. Vahn keeps him laughing hard with armpit tickling, which seemed to be his most ticklish spot. Rave is an exciting and fun tickle, who will surely be back for more. Maybe next time the underwear will come off. What's not to enjoy about this scene? It's just so fun and erotic! I would like to have seen the yellow underwear come off, but maybe next time. One can hope…right? The most important thing about doing fetish videos is they cannot be faked. If the person producing them isn't into the fetish being shown it will be obvious as hell. This is the real deal folks! Of course, I don't have to tell you foot, armpit and tickle fetish fans, as you can see for yourself the guy behind Laughing Asians is one hundred percent into it and enjoys every minute of producing these very exclusive videos.

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