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Slippery Ass Cheeks

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September 27, 2014

Dan is gay and he's lusted for his straight friend Guy for a long time. He decides to give his friend an oil massage and see where it takes things. It isn't long before Guy is getting turned on by the erotic experience and Dan wants to see how far he can take things.

Guy has already let Dan stroke his oiled cock and now he's starting to show some interest in doing more. By now Dan also has a raging boner, which has not yet been released. But it isn't long before Guy is stroking his gay friend's hard dick as he gets his asshole massaged. At this point the sexual tension is off the charts and anything could happen. Dan continues to work on his straight friend's ass and he's not getting any resistance. With every sensual stroke he's getting the reaction he hopes for. With all of the attention he's giving Guy's ass, its clear where Dan wants to go with this. Will he get his way with Guy? OMG I hope so! This is just too hot for words. We're just going to have to download the full video to see what happens. I'm betting Dan ends up bareback fucking his straight Asian friend. This has got to be one of the most erotic gay Asian porn scene I have ever witnessed. Will Dan start finger fucking the boy? That would be so hot!

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