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Straight Willy Barebacks Josh

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January 21, 2015

In this scene, straight Asian boy Willy is paired with gay Pinoy boy Josh. Willy is gay 4 pay, so Josh has his work cut out for him. Stripped to their underwear, Josh pulls out Willy's willy and goes down on it. Willy responds by pulling Josh's underwear down and sticking a finger up his ass.

Josh moves from cock to ass, as Willy enjoys a rimjob from Josh's pierced tongue. Then we cut to him riding on Willy's rock hard cock, which he's clearly enjoying. The camera moves in for a close-up of and bareback anal action, before cutting to Josh getting fucked doggie. Then Josh takes Willy in the missionary position, where Willy gets a good rhythm going and occasionally fucks his bottom like a rabbit, much to Josh's delight. When the boys are ready to cum, Willy stands and points his big dick at Josh's face. We leave these two with Josh stroking his cock as Willy unloads on his face. He may be gay 4 pay, but what gay Asian bottom boy doesn't enjoy getting his ass fucked by a straight boy? Especially one that's sporting a pretty good sized cock. We can tell Josh is getting off on it, as his eyes roll to the back of his head several times, while getting fucked by his straight Asian top. For Willy, it's all in a day's work, because he's fucking for the money, but that doesn't seem to bother Josh one bit. You can download the full video at Gay Asian Twinkz, along with all of their other exclusive gay Asian bareback scenes. In addition, you get full access to a bunch more gay porn sites, include 6 more Asian sites.

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