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Stripped and Tickled Asian Boy

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November 17, 2014

Asian twinks Rave and Idol gang up on the new boy Jayford. They strip the cute Pinoy to his underwear and tie him down to the bed spreadeagled. Then the feathers come out and the fun begins.

The boys tickle their new friend, who turns out to be very feather ticklish. Idol and Rave taunt and coo at their bound tickle slave in unison with "ticky ticky ticky" and other taunts we all love to hear. Jayford is a real screamer, which probably isn't lost on the neighbors! After round one of the tickle torture, the guys get Jayford completely naked and go to work on his smooth Asian body again. As fun and erotic as this scene is, the reality of just how much the boys are enjoying themselves kicks in with some additional behind the scenes footage. During break time the boys start horsing around and its arguably one of the best parts of this exclusive video. First Rave and Idol start playing with each other on the bed, while Jayford is sitting in his underwear watching from the other end of the room. Next Rave ties Idol down and starts tickling him. Then, in a spontaneous move, Rave and Idol grab Jayford and drag him to the bed again. They wrap their bodies around his and go to town tickling the hell out of him. In one final round, the two flip Jayford onto his stomach, and Rave sits on him while they give his feet the tickling of a life time. This was great fun for the boys, but best of all it was so real and innocent. You gotta love that!

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