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Ticklish Gym Workout

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August 27, 2014

If you enjoy male feet tickling and light bondage, this Asian fetish scene is bound to hit your hot button.

Cute and sexy Argie drops by for the first gym workout with his trainer, Ricky. In typical fashion, Ricky convinces Argie that he must be restrained to the gym for his unique and intense legs workout. Ricky takes of one of his shoes and begins to tickle his white socked foot, getting an incredible ticklish reaction. Soon the sock comes off and Ricky delights in Argies extremely ticklish male feet. It's not long before the other shoe and sock is off and Ricky's scribbling and dancing his fingernails all over Argie's super smooth ticklish soles. Then Ricky grabs the feathers and flickers them all over Argie's feet. Argie is about to crawl out of his skin and the relentless tickle torture goes on non-stop for 16 minutes. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Laughing Asians is one very fun and sex site. While it certainly appeals to the tickle, foot and armpit fetish fans it also has a more general appeal. Who doesn't enjoy watching a cute young Pinoy boy get stripped to his underwear, or naked, and played with? On occasion the scenes turn to some light sex, but for the most part they are all about fetish fun. But if you are looking for hardcore action that's covered in this membership, because you get access to a bunch of other gay porn sites, including an additional 6 gay Asian twin sites. There is enough gay porn to keep you downloading and jacking off to something new every day of the week!

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