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November 23, 2014

We look in on Pinoy twinks Gilbert and Argie, who are naked on the bed and playing with some big dildos. Argie has his legs spread, as Gilbert tries to work the sex toy into his tight hole, but he doesn't get it in very far and Argie doesn't look like he's enjoying it. That's not a surprise, considering he prefers to top. Better to let a power bottom professional take a crack at it.

So Gilbert gets on all fours and Argie starts to shove it in his ass. Well, maybe not! It seems both boys' asses are not warming up to the sex toy insertion. They decide to take a piss break and head for the bathroom, where Gilbert pees in Argie's face, followed by Argie aggressively sucking his piss soaked uncut cock. Gilbert likes it a little rough and gets turned on for some bathroom bareback fucking. First he wants to rinse his mouth, but Argie can't wait and starts shoving his big cock into Gilbert's little Asian boy butt, before he's ready to take it. Agrie's aggression wins him over and soon the Pinoy bottom as taking that big raw cock up his ass bareback. One of the things that make it so hot to watch these two kinky boys is the aggressiveness they have toward each other. It's not over the top, but genuinely animalistic in nature. It's a chemistry these two have with each other and doesn't spill over into scenes they are in with other gay Asian boys. You can catch the full video at Gay Asian Piss, along with all their other kinky watersports and barebacking exclusive scenes.

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