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Asian boy Nathan goes to visit Van, unaware that he’s about to be the next victim of his tickling fetish.

Vahn gets Nathan a glass of water, with a knock-out pill in it. It works instantly and Nathan falls unconscious on the bed. Vahn then straps him down spread-eagled on the bed, before he awakens. When he wakes up, Vahn tests Nathan for his tickle spots. Vahn loves male foot tickling, so he makes his way to Nathan’s feet and takes off a shoe. With his black socks still on, he gets his sole tickled. Nathan’s cute male feet are quite ticklish, with socks on, so Vahn is anxious to get to those ticklish bare soles. The sock comes off and Vahn gets just the reaction he was hoping for; very ticklish male feet! Vahn enjoys the foot tickling for a while and then strips off the shoes and socks from the other foot and drives his captive tickle boy nuts with dancing scribbling fingers on his smooth soles. Soon he strips the boy naked and puts him through an erotic tickle torture session that he’ll never forget!

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Laughing Asians - gay Asian twink tickle fetish

This site is really popular, because it’s so fun and sexy watching the Pinoy boys get stripped to their underwear, strapped down and tickled like crazy. The young Asian guys laugh themselves to total exhaustion. For those with a foot fetish or armpit fetish, this is a great site, as the scenes totally cater to your interests. The added benefit is you also get full access to a bunch of other gay porn sites that include a wealth of hardcore action and a good hard dose of kink.

Asian Twink Network

Vahn’s Ticklish Visitor

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August 15, 2014

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